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Beautiful Homes

We pride ourselves in our beautiful neighborhoods because of the quality of our builders!

The Villages at Saratoga Springs HOA continually strives to not only make the process of building within our community an easy and well documented process, but also working hand-in-hand to ensure a beautiful product that blends well with existing neighborhoods.

As a builder, please become familiar with the HOA and Design Guideline requirements by reviewing this website, the Builder’s Application (and other forms), and by reaching out to our dedicated ARC Manager for any questions throughout the process. Projects that have maintained consistent and timely communication between the builder and ARC Manager have always made everything easier!

Builder Updates

Recent announcements of changes made to forms or process updates

16Nov, 2017

Updated Builder’s Application

The Builder's Application has been updated in the Landscape section and is effective immediately. Please download and use this current form on all new submissions moving forward.

General overview of the process:

•  Preliminary Review with HOA Board and ARC Manager
•  Builder’s Application and Fee
•  ARC Review to approve Builder’s Application (per lot)
•  Change Orders and/or Variance Requests (if necessary)
•  Compliance Inspections throughout the building process
•  Final Certificate of Completion

Frequently used builder’s documents:

Builder's Application
Change Order Form
Variance Request Form

Please submit all completed packets, forms, payments, and any inquiries to the ARC Manager at:

Email: arc@villageshoa.org

Ask The Expert

The Villages at Saratoga Springs’ ARC Manager answers Frequently Asked Questions

ARC stands for Architectural Review Committee. It consists of the ARC Manager and at least two Architectural Review Committee members, which are homeowners within the HOA. The committee meets twice a month to review architectural, landscape, and other design requests to ensure they follow the HOA’s governing documents and also help maintain a uniform appearance within the community.
There is a Builder’s Application that must be submitted (along with the review fee) to the ARC Manager for the home’s plans and design to be reviewed before building within the HOA is permitted.

  1. Please click on the following link to download the application: Builder’s Application.
  2. Once the form is completely filled out, please submit it to the ARC Manager at arc@villageshoa.org.
Yes, there is a $200 review fee that the builder pays before submitting a Builder’s Application. If there are any changes that need to be made to the plans after the plans have been approved, there is a $100 Change Order fee for the ARC to re-review the changes and ensure it still meets the minimum HOA requirements.

Please make payments to:
The Villages at Saratoga Springs
P.O. Box 179
Lehi, UT 84043

The Architectural Review Committee meets twice a month, usually on the 1st and 3rd Thursday evenings of each month (but the day may vary depending on the availability of the committee members).

If your Builder’s Application or plan is rejected by the ARC, you will receive explanation as to why it was rejected. After making the necessary changes, you may resubmit the application at no additional charge.

If you are unable to make the requested changes, or for any other reasons, you may submit an appeal to the HOA Board for their review by emailing villages@acs-hoa.com along with your completed Builder’s Packet with a specific appeal request to have the Board review. The HOA Board will review at their earliest connivence and will communicate their decision via email.

If your plan requires changes after the Builder’s Application and Plan have already been approved, you will need to submit a completed Change Order form along with the $100 Change Order fee.

  1. You can download the latest form here:
    ARC Change Order Form
  2. Please submit payment to:
    The Villages at Saratoga Springs
    P.O. Box 179
    Lehi, UT 84043
If there are any unusual items that are required for the site or home, that is generally outside of the HOA or ARC parameters, you may submit a Variance Request Form to have the ARC review and consider allowing for that specific lot/home.

  1. You may download the latest form here:
    ARC Variance Request Form
  2. Submit the form to the ARC Manager at arc@villageshoa.org
Dumpsters are not allowed to be stored on the street without an approved special request from the ARC Manager. Construction dumpsters must be stored on the lot without blocking the sidewalk and must be removed before the final certificate of occupancy is issued.

There is a $50 per day fine for dumpsters found in violation of this HOA requirement.

Main exterior colors that are bold and have high contrast such as a main body color of pure white or black. Some white exteriors have been approved in the past, but only those that have a very diverse front elevation and other materials. A Variance Request Form must be submitted along with the Builder’s Application if a bold exterior body color is being requested.
The ARC Manager conducts weekly inspections throughout the building process and will email the builder a Final Certificate of Completion within a week after all items within the Builder’s Application packet has been completed and there are no visible violations to the home or lot.

If you have not received a Final Certificate of Completion within that time, please request one from the ARC Manager at arc@villageshoa.org.

These documents can be viewed by clicking on the links below to view the Residential and Commercial Design Guidelines for The Villages at Saratoga Springs HOA:

Master Design Guidelines

Commercial Design Guidelines

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